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Eurotire Achieves Major Radial Factory Milestone

EUROTIRE, Inc., New York, New York USA

press-release-romanialoresIn 2007 Eurotire announced its plan to build a new OTR radial tire manufacturing facility in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania. This location was strategically selected as being a shipping and transportation hub (for the efficient delivery of large OTR radial tires to customers throughout the world) and its having a ready and highly qualified employee base.

The plan was aggressive – build a state of the art radial tire manufacturing facility with on-site laboratory, testing and product development capabilities and have it ready to begin producing radial tires by 2010. Not only was that plan aggressive, many thought that it couldn’t be done. Eurotire confirmed that the plan had gone forward and was in process when a prototype Eurotire radial tire was displayed at the 2008 MINExpo. Since that time information regarding the new facility and the products to be created there was kept secure for competitive reasons.

Eurotire can now confirm that the newest OTR radial tire manufacturing plant in the world is fully completed and that limited production of OTR radial tires was initiated at that facility in 2010. Field testing and proving of the new radial tire products produced at that plant was started in earnest at that time as well. Furthermore, additional sizes, material compounds, and tire designs have continued to be developed and tested at that facility. Production levels of certain tire sizes have already been increased.

The attainment of this goal gains greater significance from the fact that the output capabilities originally planned for the completed facility were expanded while construction was still in process. This will allow the facility to provide higher manufacturing volumes when running at full production. With over US$300m invested and nearly 1,000,000ft2 of high-tech manufacturing and product development space, Eurotire has created a true world class radial tire manufacturing facility; a facility that includes one of the most modern laboratories and dynamic tire testing facilities in all of Europe.

Eurotire continues field performance evaluations on a wide range of radial tire sizes at multiple customer mine sites around the world. In addition, discussions are in process with mining companies who want to secure future production of Eurotire’s radial tires as well as Eurotire’s OTR bias tires. Eurotire is committed to supporting its dedicated customers in having a consistent supply of high quality radial and bias tire products in the months and years to come.