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Eurotire Celebrates Record-Setting Tire Performance, Success of EuroCare Service Program

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Kemerovo, Russia — Sept. 2013. Eurotire marks a record 86,216 km in tire life at Russian mining site and celebrates the success of its comprehensive EuroCare program of tire inspections and maintenance.

Known the world over as a leading manufacturer of off-the-road tires for the mining industry, Eurotire Inc. recently set a record for tire quality and durability at the Orenburg Minerals site in Yasny, Russia. The tires’ record performance is a credit to Eurotire’s innovative EuroCare tire service program and the dedication of Orenmin management and the mine site’s truck crew.

The record-setting off-the-road (OTR) tires, Eurotire 27.00R49 tires that were manufactured at the state of the art Eurotire All Steel Radial Plant in Romania, marked an amazing 86,216 km (53,454 miles) in tire life. This distance translates to more than 7,000 hours of heavy use at the expansive Yasny chrysotile mining site. The tires were maintained in accordance with the exacting standards of the Eurotire EuroCare service program.

“The Orenmin milestone is proof of what our EuroCare mining tire maintenance program can accomplish,” said Helen Ratnikova, Eurotire marketing and training manager. “Regular monitoring, routine inspections and close communication with our trained Eurotire technicians can ensure any one of our tires will provide top OTR tire performance. We are extremely pleased with these results.”

In celebration of the achievement, Eurotire recently held a special event at the Yasny mine. A group of Eurotire representatives visited the site to congratulate the Orenmin engineering and management teams. They delivered prizes, gifts and commemorative plaques demonstrating Eurotire’s appreciation for the mining team and their outstanding participation in the EuroCare service program.

Eurotire developed the EuroCare service program to provide valued customers such as Orenmin with the safe and dependable tires they demand. The unique EuroCare program tracks the entire life cycle of a tire, following it from the moment it leaves the factory to ensure that it is maintained, serviced and used to its full potential.

Tailored to reflect the key performance indicators of each mining operation, EuroCare provides customers with the tools, service, training and support necessary to use each tire effectively. With Eurotire’s EuroCare program, mine operators around the world have a dedicated partner in building a more profitable and safer mining interest.

“As we celebrate the achievement at Yasny, we at Eurotire wonder which mining site will have the next record-setting Eurotire tires,” said Eurotire officials “We look forward to building long-lasting relationships with our global partners and seeing new, more amazing records for OTR dependability.”

About Orenburg Minerals LLC

Orenburg Minerals is Russia’s largest producer of chrysotile, producing more than a half-million tons of the mineral a year from the Kiembaevskoye deposit in the Southern Urals. The company’s versatile and useful chrysotile products are shipped all over Russia and exported to 24 countries. For information, please visit www.orenmin.ru.

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