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Eurotire Initiates Customer Pressure Days Program in Kuzbass Region

The ZAO Stroyservis Coal Mine in Kemerovo, Russia was the perfect venue for Eurotire OTR Tires to initiate the new Eurocare “Pressure Days” Program. Eurotire demonstrated support for their Stroyservis customer by dedicating technical expertise and providing complimentary inspections, tools and hardware replacements for their Bias Ply and Radial OTR Tires.

Eurotire OTR Tires Pressure Day 1 Eurotire OTR Tire Pressure Day 2


KEMEROVO, RUSSIA, October 22, 2013. As a customer service event, the Eurotire Kemerovo based OTR Tire Sales and Technical Team held their first “Pressure Days” event. During the day-long event, the team set up a station on location and inspected the customer’s OTR tires. Eurotire technicians also replaced faulty valve cores and defective caps in many of the vehicles in the fleet. The team also took the opportunity to calibrate the customer’s existing pressure gauges and to distribute new gauges to the minesite operators.

“Customers were extremely pleased with this event, and drivers were amazed at the number of pressure inaccuracies which were addressed that day” stated Eurotire management. “Proper tire monitoring and maintenance is essential to extending OTR tire life and Eurotire remains committed to educating their customers on best practices. October’s “Pressure Days” was just the first of many similar events in line to be introduced over the coming year.”

“Pressure Days” is an extension of the Eurocare program. Eurotire developed the Eurocare program to provide valued customers such as Stoyservis with the safe and dependable tires they demand. The unique program also tracks the entire life cycle of a tire, following it from the moment it leaves the factory to ensure that it is maintained, serviced and utilized to its full potential. With Eurocare, mine operators around the world have a dedicated partner in building a more profitable and safer mining operation.

To download the pdf,click here: Eurotire OTR PressureDays

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