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Las Vegas, NV. 2012 Mine Expo Eurotire Booth

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  • Pressure Days Program Proved Successful in the Kuzbass Region!

    October 22nd, 2013

    Eurotire OTR Tire Pressure Day 2


    Eurotire OTR Tires Pressure Day 1

    The ZAO Stroyservis Coal Mine in Kemerovo, Russia was the perfect venue for Eurotire OTR Tires to initiate the new Eurocare “Pressure Days” Program. Eurotire demonstrated support for their Stroyservis customer by dedicating technical expertise and providing complimentary inspections, tools and hardware replacements for their Bias Ply and Radial OTR Tires.

    As a customer service event, the Eurotire Kemerovo based OTR Tire Sales and Technical Team held their first “Pressure Days” event. During the day-long event, the team set up a station on location and inspected the customer’s OTR tires. Eurotire technicians also replaced faulty valve cores and defective caps in many of the vehicles in the fleet. The team also took the opportunity to calibrate the customer’s existing pressure gauges and to distribute new gauges to the minesite operators.

    “Customers were extremely pleased with this event, and drivers were amazed at the number of pressure inaccuracies which were addressed that day” stated Eurotire management. “Proper tire monitoring and maintenance is essential to extending OTR tire life and Eurotire remains committed to educating their customers on best practices. October’s “Pressure Days” was just the first of many similar events in line to be introduced over the coming year.”

    “Pressure Days” is an extension of the Eurocare program. Eurotire developed the Eurocare program to provide valued customers such as Stoyservis with the safe and dependable tires they demand. The unique program also tracks the entire life cycle of a tire, following it from the moment it leaves the factory to ensure that it is maintained, serviced and utilized to its full potential. With Eurocare, mine operators around the world have a dedicated partner in building a more profitable and safer mining operation.

    To download, Eurotire OTR PressureDays

  • Attend the Upcoming Eurotire Technical Seminar

    October 10th, 2013 - October 11th, 2013

    Service and Support for the Extended Life of your Mining Tires!!!

    Continuing the Eurotire tradition of holding technical support seminars for our partners and clients, we are pleased to invite you to attend our next Eurocare seminar. This seminar will be held on October 10-11th in the conference hall of the Aurora Hotel in Prokopievsk.

    This will be an informative event and also serve as a meeting hub for professionals in the mining industry. It will be a time for colleagues and partners to associate both formally and informally.

    Eurotire Commercial Director, Mike Bloor, will be on hand to present today’s most recent advancements in Eurotire technology and how this technology, along with our dedicated support tools can best be used for extending the life of your tires through routine care and maintenance which, in turn, improves your OTR tire investment.

    Scheduled topics to include:
    •    Operating efficiency and your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
    •    Measuring your tire performance
    •    Factors affecting tire life: Utilizing production conditions of participating companies
    •    Tire pressure as the key factor of prolonging tire life.
    •    Eurotire tire pressure monitoring system TireLogik
    •    How to visually define tire damage and determine the cause
    •    Tire Repair: Necessary equipment and performance forecast

    *Eurotire is pleased to offer this seminar at NO cost.
    **Eurotire will provide complimentary accomodations if attendee participates in the entire seminar.

    We would appreciate preliminary-registrations by September 30, 2013.

    To register, please email: marina.ustinova@eurotire.com or call:+7 3842 68 01 68 to reserve your spot today!!!

    To download your invitation: Seminar Invitation

    Special note:  This is a Eurotire sponsored technical seminar intended to assist our customers in improving tire performance through the Eurocare program. It is not intended to be a company presentation on Eurotire. Eurocare is our service and support program directed to help our customers run a safer and more profitable mining operation. Eurotire is truly, Dedicated to Mining.

  • Eurotire Supports Kemerovo Area Mining Customers through Eurocare Technical Seminar

    October 10th, 2013 - October 11th, 2013

    Eurotire OTR 2013Eurocare SeminarMiami, FL, USA — Kemerovo, Russia – October, 2013. On October 10, Eurotire Kemerovo hosted a two-day practical training event dedicated to assisting regional mining customers in properly maintaining their OTR tire investment. The second regional Eurocare Technical Seminar was held at the Aurora Hotel in Prokopievsk and also served as an opportunity for colleagues and partners from the mining industry to network and exchange information in an informal environment.

    Eurotire Commercial Director, Mike Bloor, was on hand to present the most recent advancements in Eurotire technology and how the Eurocare program can be used in extending tire life through routine care and maintenance. Other topics included: Measuring tire performance, Operating efficiency and customer KPI’s, the importance of tire pressure monitoring, visually defining tire damage and tire repair.

    The Eurocare OTR tire service and support program was developed to provide valued customers throughout the world with the safe and dependable tires they demand. With Eurotire’s Eurocare program, mine operators around the world have a dedicated partner in building a more profitable and safer mining investment in their OTR Tires.

    The two day event also featured special guest speaker, Oleg Krotikov, Chief of OTR Tire Maintenance Department at SDS Trade Ltd. Krotikov shared his company model in order to demonstrate how tire maintenance can be implemented in today’s mining operations as well as to further explain the overall financial results that can be realized through the proper care and maintenance of one’s OTR tires.

    “Unlike last year’s seminar which had a technical focus, this year’s focus was on “Best Mining Practice”. Best practice is about changing the mind set of mine site employees and top-managers. An operation can’t improve their overall productivity goals without everyone understanding the entire picture.” stated Helen Ratnikova, Eurotire Training Manager.

    With 26 technicians representing six various companies from surrounding mines in attendance, the event proved highly successful. Additional Eurocare technical seminars are being planned worldwide.

    To download this release:EurocareSeminar

  • Eurotire Partners with Bogatyr for Annual Miner’s Day Celebration

    August 21st, 2013 - August 23rd, 2013

    Karaganda – Ekibastuz City, Kazakhstan – August 27, 2013 – Eurotire, a global leader in the OTR (off the road) tire market for the mining industry, was invited to participate as corporate sponsor for Bogatyr’s Miner’s Day five day celebration of miners. For the second year in a row, Eurotire took part in the Bogatyr Komir, LLC hosted event, which was dedicated in honor of the mining industry’s hard working employees.

    While activities lasted for five full days, the primary event was held on August 23, with many coal mining companies outside of Karaganda traveling to the city to participate. Eurotire was invited to be on hand and they donated and distributed many generous. Prizes consisted of cell phones, digital cameras and tablets and were awarded to the employees and friends of the various local mines in accordance to lottery.

    “We are, indeed, honored to have been involved with this important sponsorship over the past couple years. We view this event as an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and enduring efforts of our local miners.” stated Andrey Shulga and Alexander Andriyenko, Technical Services Managers for Eurotire. Andriyenko also assisted in the organization of the event.

    Originating in 1935, Miner’s Day commemorates the event when Soviet miner, Stakhanov, mined 102 tons in just one day. This is over fourteen times more mined than on any other given day. Today, Miner’s Day is still celebrated in ex-CIS countries. Bogatyr, Maikuben, KarakhMys, and ArcelorMittal also participated in the event.

    [caption id="attachment_3461" align="alignleft" width="400"]2013 Miner's Day Ceremony at Annual Bogatyr Miner's Day in Kazakhstan 2013 Miner’s Day Ceremony at Annual Bogatyr Miner’s Day in Kazakhstan[/caption]

  • Eurotire Partners with Yeristovo & Poltava Mines in Honor of Metallurgy Workers Day

    July 17th, 2013 - July 20th, 2013

    4Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine – Komsomolsk, Ukraine – July 20, 2013.  Eurotire representatives were invited to participate in Poltava and Yeristovo’s mine’s annual citywide celebration event on Metallurgy Workers Day. Each year the city gathers together with Poltava and Yeristovo mines in order to honor their workers. This year, Eurotire partnered with these mines by donating prizes and working together with officials in order to provide the local workers with well deserved accolades at the Komsomolsk event. Komsomolsk is a purpose built mining city in central Ukraine.

    After daytime festivities in the streets, three of the city’s most influencial people gave a special address. The special guest speakers included Sergey Suprun, Mayor of Komsomolsk, Victor Lotous, Director of Poltava Mining and Goroshko Nikolay, Director General of Yeristovo Mining. Eurotire then awarded prizes and certificates to the winners of the “Best Worker” competition.

    Helen Ratnikova, Eurotire CIS Marketing and Training 7Manager, states “Both minesites are Eurotire’s largest strategic clients in Ukraine. We are proud of our long term partnership and thankful for the opportunity to participate in the awarding of worker appreciation gifts during the ceremony. Eurotire is looking forward to many more years of successful partnerships with Yeristova and Poltava Mines.”

    About Ferrexpo: Ferrexpo plc is a Swiss headquartered resource company with assets in Ukraine. They are principally involved in the production and export of iron ore pellets, which are used in the manufacture of steel. Our asset base comprises one of the largest iron ore resources in the world. They produce around ten million tonnes of iron ore pellets per year and with several growth projects in place are aiming to double future production. They are committed to becoming a leading global supplier of iron ore pellets, providing outstanding service to their customers and strong returns to their shareholders. For more information, please visit: www.ferrexpo.com




  • Eurotire OTR Tires On Display at BAUMA 2013, Munich, Germany

    April 15th, 2013 - April 21st, 2013

    Miami, USA – Munich, Germany – April, 2013. At the BAUMA 30th International Trade Fair from 15th to 21th of April, in Munich, Eurotire mounted tyes on Perlini Equipment’s newest version of the DP705 WD original dump truck and are on display in the Perlini booth in Hall B4 109/210.  Eurotire’s ETRAC 24.00R35 tires were fitted onto Perlini’s newly developed dump truck with load capacity of 65T. Perlini customized Two Star 24.00R35 tires for this heavy load application.  Perlini

    Eurotire’s 33.00R51 are also on display in the Zeppelin Caterpillar Stand in Hall F7/709. IMT’s TireHand Tyre Manipulator is mounted on a Hyster forklift and features the Eurotire 33.00R51 in the outdoor booth. Eurotire personnel are also onsite and available to answer any questions about these giant tires.

    BAUMA is the largest and perhaps the most impressive trade fair in the world with over 450,000 visitors from 200 countries in attendance.

    About Eurotire. OTR mining tires are Eurotire’s business, their only business. Focusing on the world’s emerging mining markets, Eurotire designs, manufactures, and provides full life-cycle management to maximize the efficacy of each bias ply and all steel radial tire for haul trucks, wheel loaders, and other heavy support trucks. Eurotire operates offices on five continents, including some of the most remote and demanding surface mining applications. For information, please visit: www.eurotire.net.

    About Perlini Equipment. Started in 1957, Perlini Equipment is one of world’s most important producers of dump-trucks. Perlini trucks, designed and built for efficiency and ease of maintenance are at work all over the world and are appreciated by big enterprises and small sub-contractors alike for their excellent productivity as well as the quality of their original components.


  • Mine Expo 2012 – Las Vegas NV USA

    September 24th, 2012 - October 26th, 2012

    Mine Expo 2012 – More than 1800 exhibitors in twelve exhibit halls displayed the latest technology, equipment, components, parts and services for exploration, extraction, safety, environmental remediation and preparation and processing of metallic ores, coal, industrial minerals and more! With 860,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space this show was the “can’t miss” opportunity that comes along only once every four years. Final attendee count was at 57,000 people with 40,000 attending the show the very first day. 36 countries were represented as exhibitors as well as over 100 countries outside the USA were simply in attendance.

    Eurotire exhibited in full force with 33 employees coming in from all over the world in an effort to promote Eurotire’s new Eurocare program developed to assist and support our customers in the mining industry. Our booth also included four giant tires. The newly developed 46/90R57, the 33.00R51 EROCK,  the 45/65-45 and the 50/65-51 as well as six 27.00R49 ETRACs which were installed on the Cat 777 and displayed outdoors.

    The Eurotire booth included two upper, more private meeting areas which were used for pre-scheduled meetings throughout the show. The booth also included a hospitality area for customers to relax and discuss casual business while enjoying samplings of sandwiches from around the world. To watch video from the show floor, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQpmbn_vo78







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