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Partnering Beyond Boundaries with Eurotire and Perlini

Miami, USA – Verona, Italy – November 5, 2012 - On October 20, 2012, Italian truck manufacturer, Perlini Equipment SpA delivered the first 90 ton dump trucks to the Brazilian port of Santos. Eurotire’s All Steel Radial tires from their manufacturing facility in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania were installed.

This partnership was made possible as a result of a business venture between the two companies and is a part of a joint program created to promote Eurotire products and Perlini machines. One of the largest steelmaking companies in Latin America USIMINAS will use fourteen Perlini haul trucks, installed with Eurotire radial tires, at their iron ore mining operations.

Mr. Maurizio Perlini, one of the owners of Perlini Equipment states: “Partnering with Eurotire did not happen by chance, we have been looking at each other closely for a long time and have come to realize our companies are very similar. We are rapidly growing companies with rather ambitious plans to enter the complex market of developing countries. In addition, Eurotire products continue to meet the high level of quality we expect from our suppliers.”

“We have conducted a complete technical analysis of USIMINAS mine site in Brazil,” states Meir Dubinsky, Executive Director at Eurotire, “We have developed a special chemical compound for our tires to provide high resistance to cuts. This mine site has severe operating conditions but we believe that our radial tires are the perfect solution.”

“In my opinion,” adds Mikhail Shulman, Director of the Analytical Department at Eurotire, “This partnership is a prime example of the cooperation between the two manufacturers which enables both companies to feel confident in the highly competitive mining markets in developing countries, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. We are currently discussing plans for cooperation between our companies in Kazakhstan and Indonesia.”

Mr. Shimon Laber, Vice President of Business Development at Eurotire, praised the business relationship between the two companies. “For us, cooperation with the Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Perlini Equipment is an important step in terms of improvement of the existing as well as the creation of new generation of our products. The expert production process of our tires enables us to remain competitive in the global OTR tires marketplace.”

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About Perlini Equipment
Started in 1957, Perlini Equipment is one of world’s most important producers of dump-trucks. Perlini trucks, designed and built for efficiency and ease of maintenance are at work all over the world and are appreciated by big enterprises and small sub-contractors alike for their excellent productivity as well as the quality of their original components. During its history, Perlini has shipped over twelve thousand vehicles, still at work in every continent, and has also obtained several racing awards, including four victories in a row at the Dakar Rally. For more information, please visit: http://www.perlini-equipment.com.