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Power Lifters Set Guiness World Record at Yeristovsky GOK

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Sue Schaffnit
Marketing Director

UKRAINE  – October 24, 2012 - Setting a new Guinness World Record for the Ukraine on Wednesday, October 24, eight local power lifters dragged a CAT 793D for five meters in an amazing two minutes and 30 seconds. This public relations event was held at the Yeristovsky GOK mine. The 258-ton truck was equipped with Eurotire 40.00-57 in the rear of the machine.

Initially, the sportsmen were able to drag the empty 167-ton truck without any effort. The Power lifters then loaded an extra 91 tons of ore in order to increase the difficulty… and succeeded!

The power lifters announced they plan to return in the spring to beat their official record.

Do we have a Guinness World Record-holder in our midst? Please let us know, as we welcome the opportunity to share your accomplishment with the Eurotire organization.

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