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We provide direct shipment worldwide and maintain regional distribution facilities to serve customer needs.

Product Features

The EUROTIRE 35/65-30 U-54 PR42 L5 extra-deep tread is designed for severe, rocky surfaces, and offers excellent traction and stability. Specially-compounded rubber and shoulder protecting ribs ensure maximum serviceability and resistance to cuttin

  • Extra deep tread and shoulder protection resists cuts and impacts.
  • Excellent traction in severe conditions.
  • Designed for extra-heavy duty loader performance.

Product Specifications

Tire Size35/65-33
Rim Size/Flange (in.)33x28.00/3.5
Tread PatternU-54
Ply Rating42
Tread PatternL5
Load/Speed Index
Inflation Pressure (Bar/kPa/PSI)6.25/625/92
Weight (kgs/lbs)/
Overall Diameter (mm/in)2065/81.3
Overall Width (mm/in)880/34.6
Static Loaded Radius (mm/in)932/36.7
Tread Depth (mm/32nds)97/122
Minimum Dual Spacing (mm/in)/
O Ring333T
Maximum Speed (kph/mph)10/6

The above cold inflation pressures are based on the maximum load carrying capacity of this tire design at a maximum speed of 30 mph (50kph) and a maximum travel distance of 2.5 miles (4 km) one way. The published inflation pressure may not be optimum for your operation. For the recommended inflation pressure for your given operation, please contact your Eurotire engineering department. All cold inflation pressures are calculated based on TRA and ETRTO engineering design guide for the maximum load carrying capacity of the given tire size and ply rating.

35/65-33 PR42 L5